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Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium

Introducing Reports 2.0

We have completely redesigned our reporting tools to include new features such as:
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• Sample Size
• Year-Over-Year-Trending
• Redesigned Filters


Announces New Consortium for

Third Party Logistics

Service Providers

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Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium is a leader in benchmarking and best practices for all your supply chain management needs.  Measure your performance against peers and best-in-class companies, from material handling to product support and everything in between.

We believe smart supply chain leadership begins with benchmarking.  Incorporating benchmarking into your corporate strategy creates an awareness of what others are doing, broadens thinking beyond day-to-day responsibilities, and offers successful processes created for real world implementations.

Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium offers a variety of exclusive tools and data to surge to the next level.  From ranking your business and identifying improvement areas through our scorecards, our customizable tools will give you the competitive advantage you need in today's dynamic environment.

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Sparrows Point: Premier Industrial & Marine Terminal Sites Available.  See the brochure

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Latest Supply Chain Consortium Updates
  • CSCE Blog 10 Facts You Didnt Know about Chinas Super Consumers
    Tuesday, November 11, 2014
    Chinas super consumers are the biggest and most important consumer class in history.  In his new book Chinas Super Consumers: What 1 Billion Customers Want and How to Sell it to Them, Tompkins International Principal Michael Zakkour explores the extraordinary birth of consumerism in China and explains who these super consumers are.  Read more.
  • TSCC Report Distribution and Fulfillment Facility Optimization
    Friday, November 07, 2014
    Optimizing distribution operations in todays customer-centric environment can be challenging for supply chain leaders.  Expectations that have been in place for many years are becoming obsolete and are being replaced by a new level of demands for cost, service, and quality.  To meet the challenges of these new demands, supply chain leaders must innovate and implement solutions that push performance boundaries.  How are you meeting the challenges placed on your companys distribution operations?.  View the full report.
  • CSCE Blog Why Have 80,000 People Watched The Alibaba Effect?
    Thursday, November 06, 2014
    More than 130 days ago we released the video The Alibaba Effect.  Yesterday, the video surpassed 80,000 views.  Yes, 80,000!  Why?  Read more.
  • CSCE Blog Five Retail Industry Statements that Missed the Mark
    Wednesday, November 05, 2014
    There was a brief news article last week about the future opening of an e-commerce fulfillment center.  What made the article jump off my computer screen were the uninformed statements made about American retail business.  Read more.
  • Press Release Retail Backrooms Are the Secret to Omnichannel Success, Says Tompkins International
    Tuesday, November 04, 2014
    What were once seen as a necessary evil, retail backrooms will soon be a key component to help retailers succeed in todays omnichannel environment.  By leveraging their backrooms, retailers can take on new roles in the fulfillment network and offer innovative value-added services.  Read more.
  • Article Alibabas Impact on Retail Supply Chains Is Bigger than You Think
    Sunday, November 02, 2014
    It seems as if article after article is clamoring to tell us every detail about what Alibaba is.  Despite immense publicity as of recent, most people either do not know about Alibaba or they do not understand how the giant e-commerce company impacts them.   Read more.
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