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Hello and welcome to the Supply Chain Consortium.  You have been invited by your peers to participate in a Benchmarking and Best Practices process that has the potential to significantly enhance the performance of your supply chain.  Benchmarking compares your supply chain strategies, operations, processes and performances to that of your peers and to companies that are thought to be exceptional performers.  Best Practices identify the supply chain processes that have proven to deliver superior results in real world implementations.

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The initiatives sponsored by the consortium answer many questions for you and other members, including:

All data provided by consortium members are aggregated with data provided by other members.  Company specific data is safeguarded by the review facilitator, Tompkins International, and is not shared with other members or external entities in any form that could be attributed to a specific participant.  Individual responses are kept absolutely confidential.


The Supply Chain Consortium provides a broad range of tools, events and processes to its members to drive world class performance, including:

The links on the Resource Center home page provide additional information on each of these resources.

Advisory Board

The Supply Chain Consortium is led by an Advisory Board composed of senior supply chain executives.  The Advisory Board provides guidance on process content, development priorities and peer invitations.  The companies represented on the board include:

Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium Advisory Board
Industries and Market Segments

The Supply Chain Consortium has been expanded to cover four major industries:

In addition to industry designations, consortium member companies are further defined by market segments as follows:

These industry and market segment designations are useful for filtering the data to provide comparisons of "companies like me".

Review Facilitator

Tompkins International transforms supply chains for profitable growth.  For more than 35 years, Tompkins has evolved with the marketplace to become the leading provider of growth and business strategy, global supply chain services, distribution operations consulting, information technology implementation, material handling integration, and benchmarking and best practices.  The company is known for innovative, practical solutions that improve supply chain performance and produce value-based results.  Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Tompkins has offices throughout North America and in Europe and Asia.  For more information, visit